Closing the Books


It’s 11:00 A.M. on a Monday morning, two days after finals have ended here at the University of Tennessee. Today is a bit nerve wracking for me as this is the day I find out what grades I ended the semester with.

I took the plunge and signed up for twelve credits worth of classes this semester, which by itself wouldn’t be a whole lot, but factor in 40 hour work weeks, football games on the weekends (10-11 hour work days), a dog, two cats, a relationship and social events… its a lot.

I struggled a lot this semester. Work was stressful, School was a constant, working weekends was exhausting, and trying to figure out the complications of figuring out what role another human plays into the grand scheme of things was anxiety ridden.

Some how, I only managed to turn in one assignment late (by 30 seconds).

Some how, I managed to successfully show up to all scheduled events with bells on.

Some how, I managed to maintain not only friendships, but a pretty good relationship.

Some how, I only managed to have a mental break down only once a month.

I checked today, and at the moment I have three B’s and a C.



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